Vibration Signal Parameter Estimation in Variable Speed: Algorithms and performance bounds


  • Ali Abbadi Ecole Supérieure Ali Chabati
  • Cécile Capdessus Uiversity of Orléans
  • Karim Abed-meraim University of Orléans
  • Edgard Sekko University of Orléans



Cramer-Rao Bound (CRB), Higher order Ambiguity Function (HAF), Quadratic Phase Transform (QPT), Variable Speed, Vibration Signal


Vibration signal parameter estimation for rotating machinery diagnostics operating under variable speed
conditions is considered. At first, we provide a brief survey of existing methods for Quadratic Phase Signal (QPS)
parameter estimation. Then, we introduce improved solutions for the general QPS case and the Order QPS (O-QPS)
case, respectively. For all considered cases (namely the QPS, O-QPS with tachometer and O-QPS without tachometer),
we develop the Cramer Rao Bounds to assess and compare the estimation performance limits for each model. Finally, we
compare the performance of all considered methods and highlight, in particular, the gain of the proposed solutions.